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set the DVR’s for tonight – Gilles Marini is guesting on 2 Broke Girls!

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The Melbourne TV production company WTFN has acquired the film and television rights to Kerry-Anne Walsh’s book The Stalking of Julia Gillard.

Richard Keddie, whose previous credits include the TV bio-dramas Hawke and Curtin, will produce the feature-length TV drama, WTFN said on Friday.

The book tells the story of the decline and fall of Australia’s first female prime minister and the media’s role in that and the resurrection of Kevin Rudd, the man Gillard had toppled.

The project represents WTFN’s first major foray into drama after acquiring Keddie’s production house, The Film Company, earlier this year. No broadcaster has come on board, but Rachel Griffiths has signed to play Julia Gillard.

“I am thrilled to portray Australia’s first female prime minister and explore the private aspects of her remarkable term,” the actress said in a statement.

“I believe that the creative and intellectual capacity of the team involved will produce a stunning drama that will reframe this historic period in our cultural and political life.”

Keddie is WTFN’s director of drama and features. His previous political-drama credits include Hawke for Network Ten in 2010 and Curtin for the ABC in 2007.


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Brothers & Sisters‘ Luke MacFarlane is reporting for duty on NBC’s midseason drama The Night Shift, playing an Army guy who shares a mysterious past with Brendan Fehr’s MD character, TVLine has learned exclusively.

MacFarlane will guest star as Rick Lincoln, a soldier who is just back from his latest stint in Afghanistan. When he arrives at San Antonio BFMemorial Hospital, we learn that he has a close connection to Fehr’s Drew (hmm… )
From Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah (Freaks and Geeks, 90210), The Night Shift is a medical procedural about a group of ex-Army doctors burning the midnight oil at a hospital. The cast includes Six Feet Under‘s Freddy Rodriguez, Lost‘s Ken Leung and Royal Pains’ Jill Flint.


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Onetime NCIS agent Sarah Jane Morris will find herself looking down the wrong end of a gun barrel (or a harpoon spear, or a human marionette pulley, or whatever twisted modus homicidii is at play) when she guest-stars on CBS’ Criminal Minds this fall.
Morris will appear in the sixth episode of Season 9 as a target of the killer du jour, TVLine has learned.


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Matthew Rhys may be a star in America but he’s hardly known in his homeland. That’s about to change. Currently playing a spy in The Americans on ITV every Saturday, and before that a gay Republican in another US show, Brothers & Sisters, the 38-year-old Welshman left our shores to find fame in the US. Now he’s back to play none other than Mr Darcy in Death Comes to Pemberley, an adaptation of PD James’s sequel to Pride and Prejudice. Coming to BBC1 later this year, it tells the story of Elizabeth Bennet and her dishy husband six years after they married.

Those who are familiar with his work, however, may be surprised to learn he’s neither American nor gay. “Oh! My! God!” he screeches in an LA accent, gleefully impersonating the many fans he’s had to disenchant in his adopted hometown. “You’re not even American! Next you’re going to tell me you’re not gay!” He mimes acute awkwardness.

For someone who has perfected his Stateside drawl, how does he feel about stepping into the tails and breeches of quintessential Englishman Fitzwilliam Darcy – and, perhaps more dauntingly, the boots of Colin Firth whose smouldering performance is seared in the memories of women of a certain age?

“Playing an iconic literary hero is always a little problematic,” he admits, reverting to his Cardiff lilt. “Coupled with that, the fact that the aforesaid iconic literary figure has been immortalised by Academy award-winner Colin Firth makes for a louder gulp.”

Then there’s the small matter of his Welshness: “Strangely, I find an American accent easier than a posh English one as I always feel a lot more of a fake playing RP. I feel like I’m being Lord Snooty or that Harry Enfield character,” he adds, referring to Enfield’s horsey comic creation Tim Nice-But-Dim.


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I’ve uploaded a few photos of Maxwell Perry Cotton at the premiere of his new movie”Elysium” – remember it opens tomorrow!

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In case you didn’t know, Maxwell Perry Cotton (Cooper) is in Elysium this Friday in theaters – he’s playing “Young Max” which is the younger version of Matt Damon’s character!

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The drama surrounding a family’s adult siblings, Brothers & Sisters, is set to air on SABC3 from Thursday, 8 August at 22:00. The series is a captivating, new one-hour primetime drama from executive producers Ken Olin and playwright Jon Robin Baitz about the California-based Walker family.

In it, viewers will meet a collection of incredibly intertwined and somewhat damaged adult siblings who embrace one another unconditionally while striving to reflect the perceived perfection of their role model parents. In the days ahead, they will navigate waves of temptation, deception and grief.


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Matthew Rhys
Notable TV roles: Philip Jennings, The Americans (FX); Kevin Walker, Brothers & Sisters (ABC)

Aside from Brothers & Sisters, Matthew Rhys was largely unproven until this season’s debut of The Americans. It didn’t take long for us to become fans, however; in a nice contrast to Keri Russell’s emotional brick-wall, Rhys’ Mischa Philip Jennings is an open book.

Where his wife is steadfast in her loyalty, Philip is the conflicted one, which gives Rhys a ton to work with. Even when he’s shopping in the mall you can sense a longing for a normal life. But 20 minutes later, he’s kicking ass. Welcome to the club of middle-aged emotionally conflicted antiheroes, sir.


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